Lyrics track 6

I Can’t Black It Out If I Wake Up and Remember

That house we’re passing is bad luck to me, the whole block is too
And that field across that street used to be one big building
It burned down when some bums broke in, they were lost in the flames
And there’s that alley where I saw that fight where the guy was just left to die
And see I told you they closed down the Fitz
I once saw Brian in handcuffs outside of it
When he saw me he started laughing and yelling my name

I used to know a girl who lived down that street
She had two sisters who were in low end nudie magazines
She’d lived on her own since she was 16
She was always a good friend to me
So please don’t go down her street
I heard she got killed in a car wreck in Wyoming
So please don’t go down her street

See that apartment building my uncle lived there ‘til I was thirteen
All summer he’d take me to the river swimming
We’d sneak into the movies without paying
Everyone said he went bad but I don’t care about that
I just don’t understand why he’d run out and leave my mom and me

And my mom worked in an office down that street
You could always see her on break on the back steps smoking
Dressed up and worried, she was always broke and worried about everything

I can’t black it out if I wake up and remember
I miss them all so much