Lyrics track 8

Two Friends Lost at Sea

I can’t believe it’s true
You’re fucking that guy you used to
Laying on your back with your eyes half closed
The lamp I bought you is probably watching
My blood pours doom and my eyes see it too
Why do I always think of things I don’t want to?

I don’t care if she plays my old Armstrong records to him
Or makes pancakes in her underwear for him in the morning
But does she wake him up in the middle of the night just to start talking?

We were two friends lost at Sea
I ain’t drifting that bad anymore, can’t you see it’s true?

I had dream last night we were driving on vacation
You told me a story of a woman who was dying
So she pulled out her heart to give to her husband
But her husband had another woman waiting
Dressed up with their bags at a train station

You were in a swimsuit all brunette and laughing
Trying to make it with me while the woman was dying
And the car started spinning and I started sinking

My blood still bleeds doom and my eyes see it too
Why would it hurt worse than it used to?