Lyrics track 9

Three Brothers Roll into Town

Three brothers roll into town
One’s just out of lock-up
One’s a drunk and a clown
The other don’t say much of anything
They’re worried he’s slow but he
Don’t mind ‘cause then they don’t expect anything

They drive to the biggest city they’ve ever been
They stay in a basement room with their cousin
In a part of town called Felony Flats
The cousin’s out of work
They sleep on the floor in sleeping bags

Time, time don’t mean anything when your 16, 19, and 20

They cooked their meals on a Coleman stove
The oldest got a job washing dishes in an old folks home
The middle got on with a construction crew and the
Youngest helped his cousin collecting scrap metal for a
Guy who never paid what he was supposed to

At night they’d sit in the basement room
Intimidated by the city and not sure what else to do
They drank by the case Rainier in cans
The middle would make everyone laugh
The oldest would start talking about how he should have killed their dad

But he stole a watch and a wallet from an old ladies’ drawer
They found them in his coat and he was caught cold
He called his brothers before they took him away
He said time, time don’t mean anything
I’ll be out before you know it and then together we’ll leave

Then the cousin got kicked out of his basement room
For having too many people and cooking when he wasn’t supposed to
So he went back to their hometown but the brothers wouldn’t leave
They just moved into their van waiting for the oldest to be released

He was sentenced to just three months
But in a holding cell he got into a fight and for a year was sent up
They held on through the winter living in their van
Listening to the radio at night from their sleeping bags
Time, time don’t mean anything when you’re 16, 19, 20
Time, time don’t mean anything when you’re already sinking at 16, 19, 20